2WORKsmart offers a 1 year program to assist the entrepreneur in YOU.

When you look at the world of business today it’s not what any previous generation has ever experienced, it’s become more complicated. This has been a stead trend over many years and evolved due to advancements and the nature of technology.

We find more and more people dropping the ball, and failing to see what is possible. In our work we get a firm grip on the Day to Day activities, workflow and business processes. We put in place GOOD habits and tools to manage the possible activity with automation.

When your time is no longer dedicated to looking for answers to the problems and focused on successful outcomes it just works.

2WORKshops with Michelle Cullen and her team.

We will do a personal 1-2-1 assessment and find out your strengths and weaknesses.

Develop a working Blueprint to advance your ideas and thinking for a business or lifestyle.

Talk with experts and bring people in to assist with your project.


What is expected when you undertake a radical change in the way the world looks.

  • Q-factor – the art of understanding why clients say “NO”
  • Many to Many – how this can make a difference in Time and Outcomes
  • ALL IN – When the only outcome is the one you planned for


It works because we are with you all the way.


Single User of the CORe Business |Manager

2 Hours of Support for both system and workflow monthly

Weekly call with you Executive Listener

Lead manager and support

Website development

Access to TOOLS – detail will be provided



We’re here to help answer your questions. Request a call from a Admission expert.


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