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$600.00 / month and a $200.00 sign-up fee

With increasing pressure from every direction we often just need a helping hand. Joining a Boardroom could be the best thing an owner can do to get High valued feedback on the more sensitive issues you face.

Peer review boards are a great addition to the whole genre of coaching.  They allow you to gain non biased, non binding, yet smart, authentic feedback from other business owners who have either already dealt with that issue or are in a similar place where helping each other with insights and pitfalls brings about a confirmation of your own thinking, or a clear direction away from your thinking that would have otherwise been a costly mistake.

Boardroom for Business Builders “Chair” are men and women who do or have owned their own businesses and know the blood, sweat, tears it takes, and the joy and satisfaction of getting it right.  They are highly accomplished individuals with a flare and panache for dishing out great feedback and counsel, offering additional coaching and direction to each member of the Peer Board.

Maintaining a safe place for each member to discuss their issues remains sacrosanct,  to the integrity and viability of each Board. No gossiping about each others business or lives.

Although each board is set up for a years, many boards go beyond that year and continue for years, including additional outing of a social nature.

Apart for the networking opportunity being on a Board provides, the camaraderie and life long friendships are not to be missed either.





The commitment agreement is for 12 months.

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