The first point in this review of Cyber and the Security of it, must be “How can anyone know what to look for when the industry has created over 1000 initialism and acronyms to do this with,

COS, COC, DDoS, DocO, OcSo, SOw, SOAR, and more, CCC, CDOS, CDOSS, doSC … and more, InCos, COsdb ….

With limited time left in my life I decided to avoid the actions to look everyone up, most are brand related by companies who want it to sound important.

All we now know is we need to think about how and what we need. From a One person “Sole Trader” to the “Enterprise Giants” it’s now very important.

From lost business to regulatory fines and remediation costs, data breaches have far-reaching consequences. The annual Cost of a Data Breach report, conducted by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by IBM Security, analyzes data breach costs reported by 507 organizations across 16 geographies and 17 industries. Discover the latest data on costs, causes and mitigating factors.

Take charge of your threat management operations with a proactive approach so that you can detect, investigate, and stop threats before they become costly data breaches.



When we look harder at what you can expect from someone who has completed 2 years of training in this area, you would see a robust delivery by a specialist who understands what you face.

Cyber Security and the GDPR requirements can confuse even the cleverest IT professional with over 10 years experience in Hardware / Software, as this is a completely different spectrume of skills. We are talking Data and Workflow process engagement, project terms and conditions of operational delivery.

Detecting an issue is the First Step. With up to the minute science and technology working for your site we expect a clear vision of the issues once the Discovery process is underway.

Let’s discuss GDPR and the conflict with the USA.


Data anonymization has been defined as a “process by which personal data is irreversibly altered in such a way that a data subject can no longer be identified directly or indirectly, either by the data controller alone or in collaboration with any other party.” [2] Data anonymization enables the transfer of information across a boundary, such as between two departments within an agency or between two agencies, while reducing the risk of unintended disclosure, and in certain environments in a manner that enables evaluation and analytics post-anonymization.

And the growing trend to De-anonymization is the reverse process in which anonymous data is cross-referenced with other data sources to re-identify the anonymous data source

Ask the right question and a technician can say “Yes” or “No”, but would have no idea what should have happened, what can be done and who must do it.

Solution driven results can be managed with a correct approach to the issues, we feature Agile methods in our Discovery training to allow for a full scope of any site requirements.

Could a reasonable person understand what motivated a Hacker to get past a Firewall and steal your Data ?

Many people think of cyber security in terms of protecting their company against viruses, malware and spam. That’s certainly a major part of it but staying safe online is about much more than simply buying anti-virus software and hoping for the best.

Based on what has been presented, here are potentially what the CSC Levels will consist of:

    • CSC Level 1 | Basic Cyber Hygiene                  | 17 security controls 
    • CSC Level 2 | Intermediate Cyber Hygiene | 46 security controls 
    • CSC Level 3 | Good Cyber Hygiene                 | 47 security controls 
    • CSC Level 4 | Proactive                                       | 26 security controls
    • CSC Level 5 | Advanced/Progressive             | 4 security controls