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Many heads are better than ONE

Peer review boards are a great addition to the whole genre of coaching.  They allow you to gain non biased, non binding, yet smart, authentic feedback from other business owners who have either already dealt with that issue or are in a similar place where helping each other with insights and pitfalls brings about [...]

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COMMON MISTAKES made by New Freelancers

When you are starting out Freelancing can seem daunting, especially if you’ve left the comforts of a salaried job and are going it alone for the first time. There are so many things to take care of in addition to your actual “work”, such as pitching for business, dealing with clients, organising your [...]

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Customer Service 10 things your need to know

CUSTOMER SERVICE CAN BE BETTER Problems, queries, and complaints can be the trickiest parts of a customer service job. Some days you can feel like you’re saving the world, one customer-in-distress at a time, but others can feel like one long train wreck that you’re somehow supposed to salvage. Fear not! Here’s our [...]

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Franchisee failure

In 2012 franchising generated around $131 billion in revenue with about 1137 different types of franchises employing upwards of 400,000 people. It's a big part of the economy, but the biggest problem for franchisors is finding franchisees, so they spend big bucks on advertising to get more people on board. It's hasn't been an easy [...]

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JOIN US and find out what we do Since we first started in 1994 with just 12 people, working from a small office on the Terrace in Wellington, we have moved to over 45 locations and support a team of over 100+ people. Members get advantages, we refer over 1 million dollars worth of leads [...]

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