Small Business “Get Started”

WE SUPPORT YOU In business you are only as good as the information you have in front of you, what you know has a big part to play in who you succeed. So if your a small business owner, with up to 10 staff then continue to read our offer. We will provide: FREE [...]

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Franchisee failure

In 2012 franchising generated around $131 billion in revenue with about 1137 different types of franchises employing upwards of 400,000 people. It's a big part of the economy, but the biggest problem for franchisors is finding franchisees, so they spend big bucks on advertising to get more people on board. It's hasn't been an easy [...]

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PROGRAMMES FOR ENTREPRENEURS 2WORKsmart offers a 1 year program to assist the entrepreneur in YOU. When you look at the world of business today it’s not what any previous generation has ever experienced, it’s become more complicated. This has been a stead trend over many years and evolved due to advancements and the nature of [...]

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You Need to Know about WordPress

WordPress Ownership You can host a WordPress site from as little as £1.00 but that's not the full story.... Why even look at "WordPress", and if you don't know this name then look it up on Google. This platform is fast becoming the CMS of chose,  (Content Management System). It allows for the [...]

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One secret to successful time management.

Dentists do it, Doctors do it, other health professionals do it, and yet almost no one in the corporate or self employment arena do it. So what is this thing that the heath professionals do that most others do not? They schedule time for emergencies.... Every day each one of these professionals starts [...]

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Customer Service 10 things your need to know

CUSTOMER SERVICE CAN BE BETTER Problems, queries, and complaints can be the trickiest parts of a customer service job. Some days you can feel like you’re saving the world, one customer-in-distress at a time, but others can feel like one long train wreck that you’re somehow supposed to salvage. Fear not! Here’s our [...]

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