Scrum – Yes or No

WHEN A SCRUM IS NOT RUGBY 33 YEARS in business and Planning has played a critical part of my daily workflow. Many business owners are looking to get every part of the business organised, spend time and money with consultants and providers to take care of the day to day activity that must [...]

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You Need to Know about WordPress

WordPress Ownership You can host a WordPress site from as little as £1.00 but that's not the full story.... Why even look at "WordPress", and if you don't know this name then look it up on Google. This platform is fast becoming the CMS of chose,  (Content Management System). It allows for the [...]

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Many heads are better than ONE

Peer review boards are a great addition to the whole genre of coaching.  They allow you to gain non biased, non binding, yet smart, authentic feedback from other business owners who have either already dealt with that issue or are in a similar place where helping each other with insights and pitfalls brings about [...]

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One secret to successful time management.

Dentists do it, Doctors do it, other health professionals do it, and yet almost no one in the corporate or self employment arena do it. So what is this thing that the heath professionals do that most others do not? They schedule time for emergencies.... Every day each one of these professionals starts [...]

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Customer Service 10 things your need to know

CUSTOMER SERVICE CAN BE BETTER Problems, queries, and complaints can be the trickiest parts of a customer service job. Some days you can feel like you’re saving the world, one customer-in-distress at a time, but others can feel like one long train wreck that you’re somehow supposed to salvage. Fear not! Here’s our [...]

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